Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Planet calypso content release 2014.2

Camp Icarus
The area around Camp Icarus has received a major overhaul in order to improve the experience for our new players. This update includes the following points:

  • The creatures inhabiting the area have had their parameters adjusted.
  • All creature spawners on the Port Atlantis server area have been re-designed.
  • Dialogue and objective texts in quests have been simplified.
  • The design of the area has been significantly improved and optimized.
  • Quest givers in Camp Icarus will now hand out universal ammo so that the quests can be completed for free.

The Hive (Crystal Palace Aurli Cave)
The mechanism for spawning the Aurli bosses has been changed. In order to spawn a particular boss you now need to kill a specific amount of Aurlis from the same brood as the boss. The amount of Aurlis killed is not in any way tied to the avatar that does the killing, the boss simply spawns when the set amount is reached.
We have also added a new “bonus boss” that spawns once all the other Aurli bosses have been killed. This boss has shared loot and spawns out in the hallways, ready for you to chase it down!

The Gauntlet: Stage 2
The second stage of the gauntlet series of instances has been added and is accessible from the “Gauntlet Organizer” NPC’s as soon as you’ve completed stage 1.

Akbal Sector 2
This instance, accessible from Jennifer’s island, now requires a beacon to enter. The particular beacon needed is untradable and can only be obtained by completing the instance “The Gauntlet: Stage 2”. The instance itself has also been re-designed in terms of creature spawns, traps and loot.

Migration Update
Several Longtooth wave spawners have been added to locations near Fort Argus, Chugs Hideout, Fort Zeus, Minopolis, Camp Ichidna and Jurra Plateau.

New Hunting Challenges
The following new hunting challenge quests have been added.

  • Silver Atrox Challenge
  • Bronze Challenge: Aurli Stage II
  • Bronze Challenge: Kreltin Stage II
  • Iron Challenge: Eomon Stage IV
  • Iron Challenge: Eomon Stage V
  • Iron Challenge: Longtooth Stage V
  • Bronze Challenge: Longtooth Stage I

  • Players will now only loot Berycled Trophies, Caudatergus Trophies, Daikiba Trophies and Maffoid Heads if they have the mission that requires them.
  • Newcomers leaving the gateway will now always arrive at Camp Icarus.
  • The counter in the quest “Into The Core” now increases when the required item is looted instead of handed in.
  • Clues about creature spawn locations have been added to the daily hunting quests.
  • The names of all Iron Challenges have been changed in order to match new naming conventions.
  • The “Longtooth” creature is now a creature class with maturities ranging from young to stalker. The old Longtooth creature is therefore the Longtooth Dominant.
  • Removed a function from the quest “Bronze Challenge: Daikiba” that reduced the counter value when certain actions were performed.
  • The graphics for the following creature classes have been updated: Caperon, Eomon, Gokibusagi and Tantillion.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that made the particle effects attached to land area markers and teleporters extremely performance heavy, this should improve performance significantly when viewing these objects.
  • Fixed missing auction and terminal signs in the Twin Peaks Mall
  • Fixed an issue causing the target drone creature class to fall underground when killed.
  • Fixed an issue where the GeoTrek LP53 Storm (L) Blueprint (L) required a non-existing component in order to be used for manufacturing.

Known Issues
  • Terrain on some of the roads around Icarus are difficult to traverse.
  • Gun Turret in Camp Icarus is hovering above the ground.

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