Thursday, May 29, 2014

Management Blog on

Here is a nice message from David from MindArk:


We will add a Management Blog on, this will be one of our communication channels as mentioned in yesterdays roadmap. We will endeavour to keep you informed of important and not so important happenings here at MindArk in the traditional "Blogg" style.

We are here to communicate with you, please forgive bad spelling and grammar as not all have English as their first language. We will not always be able to answer your questions so please be patient.

Not everything we are working on is in this Roadmap, for example Space is an important part of Entropia Universe and small adjustments will be made in coming releases, a major overhaul is needed and we can expect this in 2015.

We will try to cover other questions and concerns through our new blog.

Bringing EU out of the PC is as many of you know a difficult task, so an easier way to bring the EU experience to a wider audience and to engage the new accounts that cannot access the full PC Entropia Universe is to bring only parts of EU to the web-browser and mobile, the roadmap shows you some of the stages we need to take.

I understand Melee amps are ready for deployment, Im not sure of the details but I will try and make a statement asap once I get further information.

All for now.


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