Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Entropia Universe 14.7.2 Release Notes

Resurrection Changes

When using resurrection devices, every attempt will now be successful. The most simple skill and device will resurrect an avatar with 1 health point as before; resurrecting an avatar up to 100% can be achieved with higher skill levels and devices.
Two items already present that will be affected by these changes are, "First Gen Resurrect Chip VIII" and "Rakzum´s Pouch (L)"


  • An issue that caused invisible walls to block Arkadia dungeon gates has been resolved.
  • Quest repeat timer now working correctly.
  • Various crash fixes and stability improvements.
  • Chat messages with links should no longer be spuriously rejected for being too long.
  • Clicking an avatar link will no longer take you back to the top of the chat.
  • Explosive mounted weapons no longer inflict damage to creatures.

Known Issues

  • Mining claims are missing smoke effect and are only visible within 35m.
  • Messages for expiring items in auction are displayed incorrectly with “Sold” text.

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