Monday, May 12, 2014

Cyrene Upcoming Token Changes

I wanted to announce an upcoming change for Planet Cyrene as early as possible. I'm sure many players are familiar with the tokens that we have here: Imperium Tokens and Zyn'Kimbro Tokens. These tokens are rewards from missions and can be used to purchase certain items as well as in some crafting recipes.

In the next VU, both Imperium and Zyn'Kimbro Tokens will be combined into one, new token: Cyrene Mission Token. This token will have DOUBLE the Trade Terminal value of these current tokens so for every two tokens a player currently has now, they will have one Cyrene Mission Token.

As an example, Cyrene Pioneer John has 22x Imperium Tokens and 44x Zyn'Kimbro Tokens, after the VU he will have 33x Cyrene Mission Tokens. Cyrene Pioneer John will still have the SAME PED value that he had before.

IF you have an odd number of tokens, you will be given a 1/2 token that cannot be used for anything .You can either keep it as a souvenir or trade it in the TT at a value of 0.5 PEC.

I would like to stress that there will be no PED Value lost during this transition.

This change will allow us at Planet Cyrene together with MindArk to offer more competitive token rewards to be purchased with these tokens.

Once this change goes into effect, any tokens that are used in crafting recipes will only take half the current amount of Imperium Tokens. All the current items from the token vendors will still be available at half the current number of Imperium Tokens required (which, with the new token value, will be the same as it is now).

As an example:

Current Cost - Cyrene Armor Mold = 10x Imperium Tokens
After VU Cost - Cyrene Armor Mold = 5x Cyrene Mission Tokens

Current Cost - Zyn Campfire = 100x Zyn'Kimbro Tokens
After VU Cost - Zyn Campfire = 50x Cyrene Mission Tokens

All of the missions that reward Imperium or Zyn'Kimbro Tokens have been re-balanced to make sure that the cost of the mission is in line with the new token PED value. There will also be new missions that reward Cyrene Mission Tokens, not to mention that the M.A.R.I.O.V.R. instance now also will reward the new Cyrene Mission Tokens for both Basic and Advanced runs.

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