Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Entropia Universe 14.6.1 Release Notes

The social interface is an important part of the Entropia Universe experience and is something that MindArk is continually striving to improve. Based on feedback from participants, we have made a number of adjustments and updates to the new Social UI that we hope will improve the usability of the new interface. Additional refinements and adjustments to the Social UI will be made in the upcoming platform releases and patches. We thank the EU community for all the valuable feedback received in support cases and on community forums.


  • Added shortcuts to chat /tr = trade, /t = team, /s = society, /o = society seniors, /ro = rookie
  • The Rookie channel is now available by default in a dedicated tab.
  • The Globals channel is now disabled in all chat tabs by default.
  • Added two additional larger font sizes for chat windows, which can be managed in the general client Options panel.
  • Adjusted text color selection to more primary colors with better contrast. White has also been added and is now used as the default color for the Local channel.
  • Drop shadow has been added to all text to enhance visibility.
  • “Me” has been replaced with the avatar’s chosen display name in the chat window.
  • Tabs no longer flash on new alerts, instead they will highlight only.
  • There is now an option for disabling the new alert tab highlighting in the context menu for each tab.
  • Changed position of ‘Yes/Okay’ and ‘No/Cancel’ in confirmation dialogues.
  • The ‘Send Reply’ button is now activated on mouse button release instead of mouse button press.
  • Disciple and Team icons in contacts are now more recognizable.
  • The filter in Contacts will now be maximized by default.
  • Avatar name links are now correctly displayed in Vehicle messages.
  • Renaming a tab or contact will now have input field focus on the opened UI.
  • It is now possible to use the Enter key to confirm name changes and other dialogs.
  • The HoF Ticker can now be relocated.
  • The HoF Ticker can now be set as always visible, or only visible when a global/hof is displayed.
  • Thresholds for the HoF Ticker can now be set in the general Options menu, so that only globals over the selected value will be displayed.

Channel adjustments

  • Channel names are no longer case-sensitive
  • Dash(-), underscore(_) are allowed between (alphanumeric) words
  • Help message text for the Create command has been improved
  • The /listchannels command only accepts filter strings that contains underscores, dashes or alphanumeric characters, and is no longer case-sensitive
  • All previously created custom channels have been removed in this patch as a consequence of the above changes.

Bug fixes

  • Tooltips no longer appear for hidden contacts.
  • The Mentor icon in Contacts now has a tooltip.
  • Using “Keep Main Chat focus when entering text” will now correctly clear the input field after sending a message.
  • The action for sending private message through avatar links context menu will no longer be gray when that avatar is in another territory.
  • Events will now show rank properly in message received in Message Center.

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