Thursday, February 13, 2014

What can you achieve in Entropia Universe

I am hijacking this post from Snablesnot Male Young, but just to show you what can you achieve in Entropia Universe

Seeing lots of threads created by same avatars whining about other players or game developers I thought I would make one thread that is filled with hopefully only positive feelings.
So what have been your best moments inside this great Virtual universe that is now over 11 years old? Or anything else you love about this game.

I start with a few:

1. First withdrawal - it wasn’t big but still was nice to see that the virtual money really can become real money.
2. Bid 5k peds on a coat (instead of 500 peds) and was returned the peds, I was ready to take the loss (as it was 100% my fault, but the seller insisted to return the peds).
3. First global 172peds from Cornundacauda Mature (I wasn’t depositor yet back then as was underage), helped me a lot.
4. My first disciple graduating (he still plays from time to time) (received Foxtrot ME that sold for 2k at that time)
5. First real life car bought with money made inside this universe (took me about 3 months of after school trading)
6. Buying my first phantom set, was 11k peds back then, but it was worth every penny and I felt myself as half uber then.
7. Seeing this game turn from very basic RCE MMORPG to something this complex and enjoyable.... (I come from age before other planets, vehicles, Cryengine and many other features that I could have only dreamed of back then).

Long live Entropia Universe!

Anyways Thank you Mindark developers who have created this unique world that has been now part of my life for 7,5 years.

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