Monday, February 17, 2014

There won’t be Mechs in Entropia Universe anytime soon

You can say goodbye to your dreams to operate Mechs in Entropia Universe. At least for the next few years.

Kim just posted this:

“It would take a substantial coding effort to create vehicles with anything other than no wheels or 4+ wheels. Looking at what other things we have on our road map I think it’s safe to say that mechs won’t be introduced anytime soon.

Now, seeing them as monsters, that might be possible”

I think technically Mechs are ‘no wheels’ if they are not some sort of transformers, but I think we got the point. If it is not something with 4 wheels or more or something that just fly and land, it is hard to code.

While most will see the bad news, and I also don’t like it that there won’t be Mechs soon, we can see that the road map for developing Planet Calypso and Entropia Universe is full for months or even years.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is VU day. We are going to see some new stuff. Let’s hope it will be big.

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