Monday, February 3, 2014

Question to the readers of this blog

This is a message to all 10 people that read my blog. I know there are people that don’t like this blog. And what they don’t like is that I am telling my opinion instead of some hard proven ‘facts’. Well I will surprise them probably, but I am not Entropedia. I am human. And this is my blog where I post my thoughts. They can be wrong or stupid, you can agree with them or not. Just something to do when I don’t have work. And when I think to stop blogging I meet new player in Entropia Universe that tell me how much he learned from that blog and I think maybe it’s good to keep on writing. Especially when there is almost nothing on the internet to read about this game.

And back to the question. Sometimes there are weeks with nothing to write about in Entropia Universe and I wonder if I should start covering some other games. One that I am interested is Star Citizen, but it will launch in 2015 and that is way in the future. The other is EVE Online. And maybe it will be mistake to start that game, but I am still considering it. So the question is if you want me to continue blogging only about Entropia Universe or Entropia Universe + one of the other 2 games or all 3 games or stop blogging at all. So use the comments bellow to tell me what you want. And since there won’t be a lot of comments your comment will probably decide what it will be.


  1. Your blog is great.I vote for continue blogging only about Entropia,like you said its almost impossible to get any info about this game online and here we get nice insight about this universe so please keep doing that.

  2. hey AxeMurderer,

    pls go on with your Entropia blog like it is,
    I'm reading it often and like your way of comment the game.
    sry for my bad english;)


  3. And I expected to have 10 readers. Ok, so 100% of my 2 readers want me to stick mainly to Entropia Universe topics. That's what I'm gonna do. And don't forget that you can read the blog on your smartphones.

  4. Tought "better late then never", so i decided to share my two pec's here too :)
    I really like reading your blog, and since i'm an admitted space-sim fan too, and played EVE myself for about one and a half year, i'd really like to read about it from your perspective. Keep up the good work, i bet you have some more readers then 10! They probably just are a bit writing-lazy ^^


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