Friday, February 28, 2014

Controlled Mobs

In the last release, a new feature was introduced which allows MindArk and planet partner official avatars to morph into one of the many creatures found in Entropia Universe and interact with participants. This new system creates possibilities for interesting events and unique content. In the patch deployed on Wednesday, support for shared loot was also added so that participants of all levels can take part when controlled mobs are used in special events.

MindArk has provided strict guidelines for the use of these special controlled mobs to ensure that our participants’ enjoyment of Entropia Universe is not affected in a negative way. This includes avoiding interfering with participants located in shop containers or revival areas, or who are crafting or interacting with auctioneers or terminals.

Please note that officials have no control over the loot received when controlled mobs are defeated; the normal loot calculation for the mob is performed in all cases. In future partner releases, mobs created especially for this new system will be introduced and may include special event-oriented items in their loot. The distribution of such items would also be handled by the usual loot algorithm, not by officials.

We hope you enjoy this fun new feature of Entropia Universe and look forward to our partners employing it the create more engrossing and exciting events. Ultimately we plan to extend a skill-based version of the controlled mobs system to participants which could also be very interesting.

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