Friday, May 3, 2013

The people behind BIG Industries

Who is BIG Industries?

Managers of 8 virtual land areas on the Planet Calypso, BIG Industries consists of 4 players across the globe who, after meeting inside Entropia Universe, decided to pool their resources and talents together and created a half million dollar business operating solely within the game. They currently sponsor new player oriented initiatives on one of their properties, OLA42 every day where they purchase vibrant sweat at 25% above market price.

Vibrant sweat is a commodity commonly collected by new players that is used in powering advanced Mindforce chips. It is also useful in spawning rare creatures known to carry high quality items, making the commodity desirable for new players looking to discover what Entropia Universe has to offer through providing a service to established players.

More information on the BIG Industries Sweating Support Initiative can be found here.

The people behind BIG Industries

Blastoise Meculus

Meculus is a 30 year old father of four who works as a sales representative in California. He found Entropia Universe as a good entertainment source in his evenings while traveling from hotel to hotel for work. After realizing the potential of the platform he founded BIG industries in 2009 to bring continuity between the varied activities of event promotion and trading he offered. He has been playing since, 2008 and to date has never deposited.

His entire character wealth has been generated through in-game activities, making him a model any participant can aspire to emulate!

Mike Freyr

Mike lives in Holland, where he works as a sales representative. Within Entropia Universe, he is the largest and oldest clothing retailer, running Freyr’s Fashion shops on both Planet Calypso and Planet Arkadia. He has been an active member of Entropia Universe since 2004.

Grimyth Salty

Salty lives in Nevada and runs a business together with his wife while they raise their 10 year old son. After joining EU in 2009 he quickly rose to become one of the most active crafters in Entropia Universe. He soon turned toward investing in land and running events to entertain the community, which he did independently before joining BIG Industries. At 40 years old, he is the most senior member of BIG Industries.
Ruthless NZR

NZR has been a member of Entropia Universe since beta, and has owned a variety of land over the years as well as being one of the most highly skilled crafters in the game. While playing Entropia Universe actively for the past 11 years, he also has been pursuing a B.A. in Economics and Psychology. Entropia Universe has been his main source of income for the past 8 years. In his mid 20′s, NZR is the youngest member of the BIG Industries team.


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  2. [Conquistador Conq45 45] work at Big Industries, right ?
    he's pirate,,pls check his quad wing is "red color".

    1. No, he's not a pirate. Read this for more information about the colours.


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