Friday, May 31, 2013

Server Restart - 4 of June 2013

Yesterday MindArk announced that The Entropia Universe servers will be restarted on Tuesday, June 4 at 0700 UTC. Expected downtime is approximately one hour.

Don’t panic you won’t lose your skills or items or peds. They will just reboot the servers.

Possible reason for this is adding more servers, but what will the servers be used for?

Most probably the new servers (if there are any) will be used to deal with the problem with overcrowding on the Port Atlantis and Camp Icarus server during peak hours that started two weeks ago. This was caused by the large influx of new players due to the success of the running ad-campaign.
Another less likely reason is if the new servers are used for added areas on planet Cyerne.

And the other reason may be that new planet like Planet Toulon is coming and need more servers. But if that was the case there was going to be big announcement for it.

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