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Skilling On A Mothership

Spent alot of time skilling on Motherships(MS), like to help people to do the same. Roughly, one gets over 60 ped in skills from each used Rk. I would require it of any disciple, and recommend it for any crafter. Here is the basic info anyone who wants to begin getting skill on a Mothership needs.

open ur map, at the top it says Calypso, open this by pressing the arrow to the right. If you do not see SPACE with a green check, you do not have it yet. Get it!

Do not go into space with anything in your MINED or MATERIALS tab. Press the COMPACT button on the bottom right next to the hand to make sure nothing is "hiding" in these tabs.

To get on the Mothership, get added to the guestlist. You need to find someone who knows someone that can add you, just listen for the word WARP, and sure bet, they can get you on a repair crew. Some MS's are free to repair, some you have to buy acess. Once added, you can be summoned straight to the ship, or fly up to the Space Station(SS) and board at the TP. If you fly up, piracy is not a concern, because you go directly from the planet to the parking area around the space station, it is not lootable.

Once there, you can pay if it is a service, or make a donation if it is free. You will be asked, but even if you are not, offer. You will see bars on the screen representing the repair points and their health levels. Smaller ships have two facing points, the Propulsion(PP) and Reactor(RR). Large ships also have a Command Center(CC) and Hanger(HH). On a MS, you can repair when it is not broken. This is called 0.0 repair. You MUST ask before you do, and wait for an answer. If you repair the wrong thing at the wrong time, you will break the 0.0 and no one will be able to skill. This is very important! Look to where others are skilling, and repair there. Not too close now, if you go afk on the wrong point, leave space so another avatar can get bodily between you and the repair point, and block you. Stop repairing if asked to stop.

The mother ship is most likely not yours. Pay your way if you can, dont mess things up, and overall, Be Cool To Each Other! We are a very helpful and close group in general, with a few pita's thrown in for balance, so skill up and be very grateful! I am writing this because I am very grateful, and I want YOU to have the same great expierience.

If you check back in and you stopped repairing, it could be a few things. Someone repaired the wrong repair point and shut 0.0 down, you crossed a server border, your rk broke, you are out of wire, or you warped. Dont worry. Check your rk and for wire, and if they are fine, ask what to repair. The ship has a channel for talking it is called force chat, use that for all in ship communications. Hint:If you want to chat to other players while you repair, turn off the white(other messages) and green(skill messages) channels so the repair and skill messages dont clutter up your chat.

One RK-5 Vehicle Repair Tool uses 51k Welding Wire in about 3.5 hours. A rk should be about 11 ped and Welding Wire about 190%, buying in bulk or being lucky and persistant on auction or with other players trading can bring this cost down. Some players and ships offer them on ship.

What Skills Do You Get?
Press K,
go to construction:Vehicle Technology & Vehicle Repair
in science:Engineering, Electronics, & Mechanics

At level 10, you get Bluepring Comprehention(BPC)
At Level 30, you get Serendipity

You also get Intelligence and advance Mentorship

If there are any other skills, hints, tips or info involved, let me know! REPLY!

Skill Value Tool:

Coming Soon, How Do I SEE a server border?

Thanks for your interest, and to fly with us, ask at chat:

Jack Hipster Kimble

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