Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Planet Calypso 2013.1 Release Notes


New Content
  • We’re introducing a new underground area known as “Walken’s Laboratory” to the Crystal Palace space station. The lab is sure to offer brave colonists new and exciting challenges with the possibility of great rewards for those who survive. This area and its associated creatures/missions are restricted to those who have completed stage four of the Aurli Iron Challenge.
  • Added a new mission chain and some side missions that are designed to lead new players from Camp Icarus to Nus Lull and Port Atlantis.
  • Added Iron Challenge mission chains for the following creatures: Drone, Harbinger, Legionnaire, Trooper and Warlock. You can find the mission brokers in Cape Corinth, Fort Troy, Zychion, Osere and Ashi.
  • Introducing lots of new items, including some with never-before seen properties.

  • Improved the looks of the following creatures: Aurli, Defender, Faucervix, Neconu and Warrior.

  • Renamed the Thor family of mutants as well as their maturities.
  • Increased the collision radius for Molisks and Traeskerons.
  • Increased the attack range for Molisks, Tantillions and Traeskerons.
  • Lowered the movement speed of the Traeskeron Matriarch.
  • Increased the movement speed of all regular Traeskerons.
  • Removed the Merry Mayhem teleporters and holiday decorations from Twin Peaks.
  • Increased the maturities of some of the TskTsk spawning in northwestern Amethera.
  • Increased the maximum stack size of Daikiba trophies.
  • Teleportation into and within lootable PVP areas has been disabled.
  • Teleporting within non-lootable PVP areas has been disabled.
  • The radius of the vehicle-restricted zone near oil rigs has been increased to 50m.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to choose handgun skill as the reward for the mission “No One Likes Frogs”.
  • It is now possible to use attachments on the WoF Edition Plasma rifle.
  • Fixed several issues with Traeskeron skin, leather and leather texture items.
  • Removed the Akbal Drone spawn near Port Atlantis.
  • Optimized the lighting on Crystal Palace.
  • It is no longer possible to fly over the vehicle-restricted zones around the oil rigs.
  • Corrected various spelling errors.
  • Fixed an issue causing a terminal to disappear in Camp Caravan.

Known Issues
  • Fort Medusa is missing various buildings including service centers.

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