Thursday, March 28, 2013

EBN: Update on the Invasion

Jermaine Johansson: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.

Why did the robots attack Treasure Island? Did the RX know about the “Vanguard”? What role, if any, does the Egg play in the robot invasion?

Tonight, CDF Ground Forces Commander, Brigadier General Yevgeny de Souza, joins us to answer these questions and more.

Commander, about the invasion - how are we doing?”

Yevgeny de Souza: “‘We’ are holding fast, but just barely. The efforts of volunteer colonists have bought us some time to mobilize reserves and recall forces from expeditionary missions to fight the invasion. Also, the forces and assets that were moved to Amethera after the attack on Treasure Island will be moved back to Eudoria.

Jermaine: “What about Treasure Island? What about the Egg? This whole thing started with an attack on Treasure Island.”

Yevgeny: “The robots have shown no interest in Treasure Island, or any other part of Amethera, since the main invasion began. Our theory is that the attack on Treasure Island was simply a feint, intended to force us to move forces to Amethera, thus weakening our positions on Eudoria.”

Jermaine: “Some high profile colonists insist that the robots are here to destroy the Egg. What do you say to those people?”

Yevgeny: “… As I’ve told the Xenobiologist on numerous occasions, the Egg was only worth protecting because the robots appeared to show an interest in it. As they no longer show an interest the Egg, there is no longer any reason to protect it.

Look - we have never faced an invasion like this before. The very survival of our colony is at stake. The idea that we would set aside vital assets to protect an egg, when every man and woman is needed to fight the invasion, is ludicrous.”

Jermaine: “Speaking of the Egg, an incident at Treasure Island involving a CDF soldier and the Egg was caught on tape by EBN crew.

The RX tell a CDF soldier about a new robot weapon - days later, the Vanguard appears. Were the RX trying to warn us? To help us?”

Yevgeny: “First of all, we have no reason to actually believe that the soldier in that video was in contact with the RX. It’s not like the robots introducing a new unit during an invasion is unheard of. Anyone could have guessed that. The soldier is currently undergoing a full psychiatric evaluation.

Secondly, if the RX were in contact with the soldier in question, they also convinced, blackmailed or brainwashed him to destroy the Egg. The RX may be neutral, but they are still robots. We’ll deal with them after we’ve dealt with the invasion.”

Jermaine: “… Alright, thank you.. Anything you would like to say to our viewers?”

Yevgeny: “Yes. Recalling troops from Amethera and mobilizing reserves will only do so much. We still need all the help we can get. Colonists who want to volunteer should check the CDF bulletin and contact CDF personnel for more information.”

Jermaine: “Thanks for joining us, Commander.

!Up next: A special on the Vanguard, titled “Fancy footwork - How to survive an encounter with a Vanguard”, right after these messages from our sponsor, the Chikara corporation.”

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