Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Selling 3D models on Asset Store

I was looking at different ways to start a carrier in making games and realizing you can’t just start from day one to work for big companies and make games like Entropia Universe. You must learn few years first and slowly move to more complex projects and probably make more money with your work. No one will hire complete noob, so you have to start working as freelancer making some small projects for some smaller games or movies.

Even if you spent 10 years making game better let’s say than Diablo 3 can you afford the servers, the marketing and actually make sure no one will pirate the game and steal all your profit. Or can you leave your current job and fly to another country hoping to find a job as game designer there. Most probably not.

If you want to start making games in your free time after work and in Sundays you need something like Google Web store for apps where they share revenue with you. After looking at different options I found that there is such place. Do you remember the 3D engine Unity 3D that was not as good as CryEngine, but a lot cheaper? They have Asset Store where you can sell 3D models, Textures and Materials, Audio, Complete Projects, Editor Extensions, Scripts, Particle Systems, Services, Animations and so on. Where you take 70% of the selling price and 30% goes to the web store. You can even use the free Blender to make your 3D Models and then export them to Unity 3D and sell them on Asset Store.

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