Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ROCKTROPIA Virtual World Celebrates 10 Years of Entropia Universe!

Ten years ago Entropia Universe, which was known at the time as Project-Entropia, bravely went Gold. Back in those days, Mark Zuckerberg was tinkering with Facemash, World of Warcraft was still 22 Months away from Launch, Second life was still 5 months away from official launch and would not add currency until the end of 2003 and Gamers in general still embraced the idea of paying subscription fees and had a big problem with Micro Transaction Economies.

Way ahead of the curve, Entropia Universe bravely stepped out with full blown MMO gameplay built around the brilliant concept of Real Cash virtual Goods harvesting, manufacturing and trading. A concept designed to Empower the Gamer by giving a real cash value to the time spent engaged in playing online.

Entropia was (still is) an important new frontier land, a Wild cyber West where heroes live and die by the gun (or their wits). Hundreds of thousands came from all over the globe seeking Virtual Fame and Fortune, The first decade saw glorious days, heroes names burst across the virtual night sky like shooting stars, great discoveries were made, priceless treasures traded for record breaking sums, Heroes came and left, some even died leaving traces of their lives in the Virtual Soil, many, many Quit when times were hard.

A few from the earliest days held fast to the virtual dream and have never let go, today their names Beloved or Notorious, resonate with the weight of the Historical first days of a new promised land. Many who joined after the first wave can claim their Avatars are older than their flesh and blood children.

Fortunes have been made and lives changed even during the infancy of Entropia Universe, the whole world has marveled at some of Entropia Universe’s record breaking landmarks, but the world has largely shied away from the hardship and challenges faced with exploiting the extraordinary opportunities of Entropia Universes Rich and Dazzling landscapes, preferring the relative comfort and safety of farming their time away on Facebook or Hacking and slashing their avatars into retirement and anonymity in World of Warcaft.

Despite the World, Despite changing technologies, despite the naivete of the press who clamor around Fads.. Entropia has Survived, evolved and expanded like a Good Universe is expected to do, as its DNA prescribes. Despite everything, Entropia Universe has against all odds reached a very important milestone and the heart of the Universe beats with the Loud banging Dreams of Virtual pioneers from around the world, many of whom have logged thousands upon thousand of hours laboring and striving for greatness, may of whom have tasted the sweet fruit of their labor. many of whom continue to create the virtual human infrastructure that holds the Universe together, that sustains it through its darkest hours and growing pains.

if You were to look at the evolution of Entropia Universe with a time lapse camera then you could see that there is a momentum behind it, that the events of tomorrow were already set in motion yesterday, you would see that it will continue to grow and evolve, The blood of the Universe is oxygenated with Human Dreams and it is capable of Magic, it has a power of it’s own, that is greater than its individual creators, it has the power to inspire, touch, choose and nurture future heroes who may becomes the champions of the future.

It has the power to bring people together in what may appear at first chance meetings, but what will sometime in the future feel like fateful meetings. Some soothsayer types would like to believe it may even have the power to Save the World, to save Humanity.

Planet ROCKtropia which will later this Year announce a New Magnificently Exciting, Major Virtual Movie Adventure in partnership with Universal Studios, would like to mark the Start of the 10th Anniversary of Entropia Universe with a Firework Display of Global messages from its pop culture loving pioneers. The Display of Global Fireworks shall start on Feb 7th and end at midnight on February 10th-

Prizes for the highest single loot globals/HoFs will be awarded in the Hunting Mining and Crafting professions to Solo Players (No teams) Only the top 3 Highest loots in each category will be considered for the top 10. The 10 Entry into the top 10 will come from a Highest single loot Zombie Apocalypse Hunting event to take place in Zomhattan. Be Aware only 99 tickets will be available for this event, So be sure to register Early..

In addition to the TOP 10 Global HoFs Event a special 10th Anniversary item may possibly be found on the following mobs:

Werewolf Warriors, Zombie Bikers, Street Kings, Crunk Shark tooth Assasin’s, Code Demons, White Wolfs, Motorhead Royalty and Young Pop Dragons
Here is the list of prizes for ROCKTropia’s Entropia Universe ten-year anniversary event:1st Place – Chronicle Thigh Guards TEN Edition (M) + Armor Plating Mark. 10C (L) TEN Edition
2nd Place – Chronicle Helmet (F) TEN Edition
3rd Place – Chronicle Gloves (M) TEN Edition
4th Place – Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
5th Place – Armor Plating Mark. 10B TEN Edition
6th Place – Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition
7th Place – Paladin Thigh Guards (M) TEN Edition
8th Place – Paladin Helmet (F) TEN Edition
9th Place – Paladin Gloves (M) TEN Edition
10th Place – Arsonistic Chip III (L) TEN EditionItem Info
Chronicle Armor TEN Edition
Durability: 6200
Stab: 74 | Cut: 65 | Impact: 26 | Penetration: 18 | Shrapnel: 14 | Burn: 18 | Cold: 8 | Acid: 10 | Electric: 8Paladin Armor TEN Edition
Durability: 2650
Stab: 8 | Cut: 15 | Impact: 16 | Penetration: 9 | Burn: 16Armor Plating Mark. 10A TEN Edition
Durability: 3160
Impact: 8 | Penetration: 12 | Shrapnel: 6 | Burn: 36Armor Plating Mark. 10B TEN Edition
Durability: 3160
Cut: 10 | Impact: 14 | Penetration: 4 | Cold: 34Armor Plating Mark. 10C (L) TEN Edition
Durability: 14320
Impact: 9 | Shrapnel: 39 | Burn: 14Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition
Range: 55
Ammo: 60000
Decay: 0.10500 PED
Req Level: 19.5
Delay: 1.3 sec
Cooldown: 11 sec
Damage Burn: 300

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