Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Managing Land Area

First you will need roughly 100k-200kPED to buy a Land Area. That's 10k-20kUSD.

Then you need to take a look at the land, see what it has, decide what it needs, figure out how you should set it up, and decide if you have enough PEDs to do so. (Should have done this before you bought the LA actually, but you know that. )

Things to look at when deciding what the LA needs is: 1) Size, shape, and overall configuration of the land itself. 2) Whether or not it has any built in terminals such as a Trade Terminal, Repair Terminal, etc. on the land. 3) See if you can buy the Shed that goes with it and if not then who owns it. You could use the shed as a shop to sell supplies to those who come to your LA and etc. 4) If it has a teleporter and if not then how close the nearest teleporter is. How easy it is to get to your LA will have an effect in determining how popular it is and how many people will come to it on a daily basis. 5) If the LA has a special name and whether or not you want to keep it the name it is on the map or on the TP or change it to something else.

If it does not have some of these things and if you want it to have some of these things then you will need the PED to make them happen.

After that you need to decide whether or not you want the LA to be a hunting, mining, or combination LA. You can decide this by taking a sweep of the land with a mining tool and figuring out what ores and enmatters are found on it. Depending upon the value of these ores and enmatters you may want to focus on less hunting, more hunting, or no hunting.

If you want the LA to be a mining LA then you don't need to worry about having animals on your land. Just set the land to no animals and let the land lay open.

If you want it to be a hunting LA then you will need to aquire some animal DNA. At this point you need to decide what creatures you want to spawn on your land, what maturities they are, and what density they spawn. This an all be decided on based upon the need for a specific creature and what maturities/densities work best when hunting them. You will also then need to buy and put fertilizer into the fertilization station on the LA. Fertilizer is the fuel used to spawn mobs on the land. It is created by combining common dung and growth molecules. You'll need to make sure the station is stocked or new mobs won't spawn.

If you want the LA to be a combinatin LA then you need to decide what creatures would work best for hunting on your LA, but creatures/maturities/and densities that are easy enough to manuever around for miners so that they don't die all the time. This can be a trial and error process during which you may need to test out the conditions yourself and get feedback from other players who spend time on your LA.

After you do all of this; you then need to advertise, promote, and set up events for your LA. Interesting, fun, and potentially profitable events with good prizes will bring in players and increase the popularity of your LA as more and more people get to know about it.

Then you just need to keep up maintenance on your LA and decide what mining/hunting taxes to set.

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