Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Planet Calypso content release 2012.6


A large number of new craftable weapons along with associated blueprints and components have been introduced.

Iron Challenges have been introduced for the following creatures: Combibo, Falxangius and Proteron. The Combibo mission broker can be found in Nus Lull, the Falxangius broker stands inside the Vermilion Fields fort, and the Proteron broker is located in Fort Troy.

Four new weapon models have been added to Planet Calypso and assigned to some of the newly introduced weapons, both looted and crafted.

The reset delay for the Daikiba, Traeskeron, Gokibusagi and Rextelum wave events have been reduced to 15 minutes.
The name of the Moneta Bank has been changed to Twin Peaks Bank.
The distribution of Pyrite Stone within PvP4 can be found in a larger part of the area.

Many creatures on the Entropia Universe platform have been adjusted in order to improve balancing. Various parameters have been adjusted on these creatures to get a better balance between threat level and the actual danger and cost to kill. These adjustments have mainly affected creatures with high health and relatively low damage. Mission rewards related to affected creatures have not been changed.

Attack speed increased by ~5% for all maturities.
Hit Chance increased slightly. More for higher maturities.
Stamina and regeneration reduced slightly.
Damage increased slightly on Young-Guardian and reduced on Alpha-Stalker.

Increased damage slightly o n Gen 01-02 and they both now do Burn and Penetration damage.

Attack speed increased by ~7%.
Hit chance increased slightly.
Stamina and regeneration reduced slightly.
Damage increased a bit on Young-Guardian and reduced on Dominant-Stalker.
All maturities now do ~20% of their damage as electric and the rest as impact.

Hit chance reduced slightly on Gen 1-10, bigger reduction on higher Generations.

Attack speed reduced by ~13% for Young-Prowler and ~20% for Stalker.

Hit chance reduced on all maturities, more so on the smaller ones. (Still have a high hit chance compared to other creatures but is now more reasonable)

Hit chance of Young and Mature has had a minimal increase.
Stamina and Regeneration has been reduced slightly for Young-Old.
Damage has been increased slightly for Young-Old.
Aggression reduced slightly on Young-Provider.

Attack speed increased by ~10%.
Hit chance increased on all maturities.
Stamina reduced quite a bit on all maturities.
Aggression reduced on all maturities.
Damage increased quite a bit on all maturities but Stalker. Damage is now roughly 60% Impact, 15% Cut and 25% Acid, varies a bit based on maturity. (Previously 100% Impact for Young-Old and ~95% Impact ~5% Acid for the rest)

Attack speed increased by ~12%.
Hit chance increased a bit.
Damage increased on all maturities, more so on the smaller ones. The damage is now split ~55% Impact ~45% Cut. (Previously 100% Impact)

Attack speed reduced by between ~30% and ~20% for Young-Old.

Hit chance increased slightly on Weak-Ravager.
Stamina reduced a bit on Weak-Ravager.
Damage increased a bit on Weak-Strong. The new damage is added as Stab, and the higher maturities have had some of their Cut damage transferred to Stab. Damage split is now roughly 60% Cut, 20% Impact and 20% Stab, but varies a bit between maturities. The secondary attack (stinger attack) has had some of the Acid damage transferred to Impact damage (total damage remains the same).

Second Entity:
Attack speed reduced by ~25% for all Generations.

Dino bones can once again be found scattered throughout Eudoria.

Bug Fixes
Several shop and housing estate issues have been fixed.

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