Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vote for Entropia Universe November 2012

There is no doubt Entropia Universe is the game of the future. Help it get there sooner by voting on The Top Tens. Click here to vote: Top Ten MMPRPG Games
1.At the moment World of Warcraft still holds first place with 15%.
2.Second is Runescape with 11%.
3.Entropia Universe is just behind it with 10%. (UPDATE: few days later Entropia Universe is at 2 place with 11% and Runescape is number 3 with 11%)

4.Dream of mirror online - 8%
5.Final Fantasy XI - 6%
6.Guild Wars - 5%
7.Lineage 2 - 5%
8.Maplestory - 3%
9.Ragnarok Online - 3%
10.Lord Of The Ring: Shadow of Angmar - 2%
17.Eve Online is down at spot 17 with 1%
71.The other virtual reality game Second Life is down at 71 place.
84.Star Wars: The Old Republic that just become free to play is down at place 84.

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