Monday, November 5, 2012

Mindark Makes It Easier To Play From Asia

MindArk partners with MOL Global

Gothenburg, Sweden – November 5th, 2012 /MindArk/ – MindArk, the developer of the largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy (or MMORCE), announced today that it is partnering with MOL Global to add a new method of easy payment for their Asian customers. This partnership will allow players to exchange MOLPoints for PED, the virtual currency used in Entropia Universe.
“Two of our Planet Partners are based in Southeast Asia, and for many in that region MOL is the go-to portal for online gaming and entertainment, There are hundreds of thousands of gamers in Asia who could participate in Entropia Universe, and this partnership allows us to provide those potential players with a familiar and convenient method of payment”, said David Simmonds, CEO of MindArk.

MOLPoints is an online micropayment system developed and operated by MOL Global, one of the largest online payment service providers worldwide. This payment system enables consumers to purchase online products and services via the portal (you can pay with PayPal) and pay at over 680,000 channels across more than 80 countries worldwide. MOL partners with over 200 online game publishers and social networks worldwide now including MindArk with Entropia Universe.

Entropia Universe is host to several different planets with their own themes and features, created and managed by independent developers known as “Planet Partners”. Two of these, Planet Cyrene and Planet Arkadia, are developed out of Thailand and Singapore respectively.! Planet Arkadia’s developers (Arkadia Studios) will be undertaking joint marketing efforts with MOL Global to bring this new initiative to all appropriate players. This will involve a new player acquisition campaign via MOL’s social media, website and EDM as well as distribution of Arkadia themed MOLPoint cards in Singapore.

MindArk is the developer and publisher of Entropia Universe, the largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy (MMORCE) game in the world. Players have no monthly costs, but deposit and withdraw real funds for their adventures on any planet in the Entropia Universe. For more information on Entropia Universe or to download the free game please visit

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