Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Planet Arkadia Update 2012.6 - 9th Oct 2012


Oratan Lancer Rises Among Wave Spawns!
Two reports, here and here, describe a ferocious mounted adversary, the Oratan Lancer. It appears that they are being found among waves of Oratan at their camps around Sentosa! Co-ordinated colonist assault required!

Mysterious Occurrence at Sanctuary Cove!
The IFN Science Division is at a loss to explain the change in appearance of the Kadra, and research has begun to find an explanation.

Oratan Camp Wave Spawns
When the IFN first arrived on Arkadia, Oratan seemed to come from out of the earth itself. Eventually their uprising was quelled, evidence of their habits was scarce, and their camps on Sentosa remained empty.

Now for the first time, Oratan seem to be much more present at their camps, and there is speculation that this has something to do with the Oratan Lancer. With a Kamaldon as its steed, it is highly dangerous and difficult to slay. It should be approached with extreme caution.

To help keep these new uprisings at bay, the IFN is requesting colonist assistance. If you are combat-ready, or capable of flying Arkadia's warriors to the campsites, you are asked to gather at Celeste Quarry to offer transport to the various Oratan camps.

For a visual guide to the camp locations, we highly recommend the Oceanic Mapping Software, officially supported by Arkadia Studios. Otherwise, the currently known camps are at the following locations:

11425, 11485
17860, 14400
17665, 14800
18215, 14970
18410, 14580
19020, 19125
20825, 19825
17980, 23260
26830, 22420
28340, 22870

Prepare yourself and join the fray! Volunteer your air transport from Celeste Quarry to help get as many warriors to the camps as possible.

New Content

Oratan wave spawns have been introduced at the aforementioned Oratan Camp co-ordinates. Depending on which camp you venture to, you will encounter one of three different difficulty levels.
The unprecedented Oratan Lancer is being encountered in wave spawns at Oratan Camps.
Four new UNLIMITED TT weapons have been introduced, and replace the previous (L) ones:

The following four weapons are now available in the Trade Terminal:

Herman ASI - 8 R
Herman ARK - 8 R
Herman CAP - 99 R
Herman LAW - 99 R

The following four weapons are no longer available in the Trade Terminal (but can still be manufactured and looted):

Herman ASI - 10 (L)
Herman ARK - 10 (L)
Herman CAP - 101 (L)
Herman LAW - 101 (L)

The Kadra has a new appearance. Scientists are currently unsure how this happened. Perhaps this new alien-looking creature usurped the previous creatures over night, or perhaps the previous creatures have somehow morphed. Perhaps there is some kind of infection, bug, parasite or virus at work. Research is being conducted, and will be shared with the colonists as the situation becomes further understood.

Fixes and Improvements

Among much work to continually improve the experience in the underground city of Aakas, two specific major changes have been made to the instances:

A number of doors have been implemented between rooms, that will not open until you have killed in the vicinity of 50% - 80% of the mobs in that room.
The network of revive points in the instances has been completely reworked.

Liakon armour has received adjustments to the maximum TT value of two parts. Note that any particular item's current TT value is the same, and that only the maximum TT value has changed as follows:

Harness max TT has changed from 26.00 PED to 48.00 PED
Arm Guards max TT has changed from 24.00 PED to 42.00 PED

IFN Challenge missions have been reworked to provide different rewards, in line with new MindArk requirements.

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