Friday, October 12, 2012

Crafting Basic Filters with Improved Crafting System

The summer is over and it is time to get back on the horse. I was spending the time skilling and now I can use on max Isis LR53 (L). I also skilled a lot in mining and what is important for crafting my Mechanical Engineer level got from 0 to 2.83. Not a pro level, but enough to give me 90% success rate when manufacturing Basic Filters. If you missed what is improved in the crafting system here it is:

Crafting System Improvements:
A completely new and improved user interface for crafting has been implemented, which dramatically streamlines the process of constructing items.

The new interface automatically scans the avatar inventory and storage for blueprints, resources and materials, allowing items to be constructed without the need for dragging input materials into the crafting machine. Other exciting features of this new interface include-
  • A single comprehensive overview of all blueprints carried in inventory and storage, with the number of attempts possible displayed based on currently owned resources and materials.
  • Ability to customize the exact number of attempts to be made on the currently selected blueprint.
  • Ability to sell crafted items directly to the Trade Terminal, with optional thresholds for minimum/maximum condition.
  • Ability to set custom thresholds for the use of residue to improve the final condition of crafted items.
  • Integrated access to auction buy and sell orders to assist in quickly acquiring necessary input materials from the market.
  • Detailed log of each crafting session.

Manufacturing details:
Date: 11.10.2012
Duration: 3 hours
VU: 12.8.1
Place: Planet Calypso
Manufactured ItemBasic Filters
Used BluePrintBasic Filters Blueprint; Level: 1; QR: 70.4 in the beginning, 75.4 in the end; Book: Component (Vol. I)
Profession: Mechanical Engineer 2.83
Oil, 1715: 34.30 PED
Lysterium Ingot, 1907: 57.21 PED
Residue: No
Total Input TT Value: 91.51 PED
Basic Filters, 5092: 50.92 PED
Oil: 0 PED
Metal Residue, 7.98: 7.98 PED
Energy Matter Residue, 1069: 10.69
Looted BluePrints: 10, Total TT 0.10 PED:  Basic Relays Blueprint; Basic Sensor Blueprint; 2 x Basic Filters Blueprint; Basic Pump Blueprint; 2 x Basic Bearings Blueprint, 2 x Basic Tube Blueprint; Metal Ruds Blueprint

Total Output TT Value: 69.69 PED
Output - Input: 69.69 - 91.51 = -21.82 PED; (76.15% TT return) (Formula: return in % = output/input*100)
Success percentage (by ingame log): 38.3325%

Comparing this crafting run with my last crafting run with Basic Filters, I have a lot more crafting skills now, but my TT return is less (76.15% now and 85.89% previous crafting log). Last time I looted 7 BluePrints, now 10 and all are different than the last time, but still nothing new or rare.

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