Monday, August 27, 2012

Acro review Planet Cyrene

1. The graphics are great!
The planet looks alot nicer than Calypso, the style so far is good and appealing.

2. The token system is interesting.
Daily missions for tokens, armor molds for crafting bought with tokens, weapons and more. It adds a part to the economy and makes certain armors and weapons worth more!
3. There's room for profit and trade on Cyrene.
The economy is new and PED do not move fast compared to the other planets, but there is room for trade and profit. Certain resources are needed by high level crafters and since many ores/enmatters aren't available on Cyrene, things like Force nexus and mind essence have to be imported to support players with implants ect. Planet specific ores/enmatters are also needed!!
4. Mining seems to be good!
5. Hunting is alright.
The mobs look good and drop a variety of different things.
6. Crafting seems to be growing.
More crafters coming to Cyrene which means the economy should slowly take off. The more crafters there are, the more hunters and miners are needed to get parts. 

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