Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Entropia Universe 12.5.4 Release Notes

Entropia Universe 12.5.4 Release Notes

HoF / Global Messages
First discovery in dungeons / instances (Hall of Fame)
Loot boxes in dungeons / instances (Hall of Fame or Global)

Unwanted non-tradable items can now be disposed of by selling them to the Trade Terminal for zero PED.

New Space Creatures
Several new entities have been detected in local space sectors. Pilots are strongly advised to use caution when travelling between planets.
  • Locusta 
  • Skyflail 
  • Dymlek 
  • Hermit 
  • Dropship 

Initial deposit limit for all new accounts has been increased to 50 USD.
Users who make their first deposit via 3Dsecure have their deposit limit increased to 3000 USD.

Arrival Areas & Mentors
Mentors with at least one graduated disciple can now teleport directly to the new player arrival areas from any teleporter, with the following conditions and limitations:
  • The mentor will be able to choose from either the Genesis new arrival area or an arrival area connected to the planet where the mentor is currently located (if applicable). 
  • The mentor will be placed in the new arrivals instance with the highest population. 
  • The mentor will not be able to bring any items into new arrivals area; the new arrivals default inventory will be loaded instead. 
  • The mentor will have the ability to recruit new disciples while in the new arrivals area. 
  • To exit the new arrivals area the mentor should use the teleporter in the new arrivals area, which will return the mentor to the same teleporter that was used to enter the new arrivals area. 
  • When exiting the new arrivals area, the original avatar inventory will be reloaded. 

Creature Upgrades
The following creatures have been upgraded with new models, textures and animations:
  • Osseocollum 
  • Kerberos 

Voice Chat
When joining a team, the private team channel is now activated by default, in place of the proximity voice channel. Users still have the ability to use the proximity channel by making use of the proximity chat button.
Team voice and proximity voice channels no longer interfere with one another, and it is no longer possible to transmit to both channels simultaneously.

Account Security
An excessive number of failed logins to the Entropia Universe account website will cause an IP to become blocked for 30 minutes.

Fixed Issues
  • Previous target and Next Target actions now work properly with Sweating tools. 
  • Motherships no longer become invulnerable for 5 minutes after aborting warp sequence. 
  • It is no longer possible for two avatars to enter the Feffoid cave simultaneously. 
  • An issue that caused avatars piloting vehicles to take damage when the vehicle was fired upon has been corrected. 
  • An issue causing flickering animations when firing weapons in certain situations has been corrected. 
  • An issue causing inadvertent teleportation to incorrect locations when using mindforce teleport chips has been corrected. 
  • Coordinates in the radar HUD now display correctly. 
  • An issue related to searches made within the Achievements interface which prevented the opening of other tabs has been corrected. 
  • The sound effect heard when an avatar takes damage from a creature has been adjusted. 
  • When coloring a vehicle, attached turrets are now also colored. 
  • An issue making it possible to equip two armors to a shopkeeper simultaneously has been corrected. 
  • The color of the Ninja Hood Jacket Black (M) & (F) items has been corrected. 
  • The loading time of the Friend List has been reduced for participants with many friends. 
  • Several instability issues causing client crashes in certain situations have been corrected. 

Known issues
  • The Previous Target and Next Target actions are sometimes slow and may freeze the UI in certain situations, especially when many possible targets are present. 
  • Camera view can become jerky when using a tool while walking on inclines. 
  • The teleport submit button can result in unexpected landings if pressed near the edges. 
  • Torso view when in first person view in vehicles can display incorrectly in certain situations. 
  • Fort Event - Some terminals in the fort do not give event points. 
  • Fort Event - Owner of the fort event cannot see the score in the scoreboard in certain situations. 
  • Fort Event - Repair and Trade terminals in the fort event area do not function. 
  • Feffoid Cave - The cave can turn very dark in certain situations. 
  • Teleporter from Crystal Palace to Calypso not functioning. 
  • Teleporter from Rocktropia to Arctic not functioning. 
  • Teleporter from Next Island to Ancient Greece not functioning.

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