Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sneak peek of new space mobs

Yesterday Bjorn from MindArk shared some screenshot of four new space creatures that will be added to the game soon. Space will become the most dangerous and exciting and eventually rewarding for some smart players place, not only in Entropia Universe, but in every MMO. Now when other companies are developing their planets in Entropia Universe, MindArk employees are free to expand and improve the space between the planets. Space is what a lot of MMO and sci-fi fans want. This is why EVE Online is so popular. And to attract those players Entropia Universe need big and interesting space. Adding mobs to space is going to make it more entertaining, but it is not like what we know about the real universe - no creatures live in space. But maybe there are places in the real universe where creatures fly in the space.

Soon there will be also competition for the players to name the mobs and to create a backstory and descriptions.

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