Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get a Virtual Job in Entropia Universe

Here is a list of jobs you can do in Entropia Universe to get some PEDs to fund your virtual life.
The list will be updated with more jobs and better payment when it is possible so check the page regularly.
To be easy to find me you can add me ingame in your friend list. My full avatar name is Wand AxeMurderer Silva.
It is even easier to find me and add me on Skype - axemurderer7

Here are some jobs that will be available in the future for the members of society Project Extropia:

Jobs and Positions in Society Project Extropia

Here you can find jobs on mothership in Entropia Universe

Virtual Paid Job on Mothership in Space

Beauty agent - Temporary Stopped 
If you bring me clients for haircuts I will charge them 2 peds for haircut and I will give you 1 PED. So 1 ped for me, 1 ped for you for every person that you bring me for haircut. He must pay 2 peds.
Soon the same will be for body sculpting and face sculpting.
Also soon I will add pictures of the haircuts I can make so you can show the client even before he comes to my beauty salon.

That's for now. In the future there will be more jobs and the payment for this will rise.

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