Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Entropia Universe Returning Systems Roadmap!

Finaly some roadmap from MindArk about the future plans and with dates. It is always good to have something instead of always wondering where is the world going. Down or up.

Makeup - Create unique looks for you and your friends! The Makeup system will be updated with many improvements in early November 2011.
Few weeks in the future. This is realy soon for Entropia Universe. A lot sooner than people expected until now.

Beacon/Dungeon - Fight your way through an off world robot base or an underground dungeon to defeat bosses and plunder their treasures. This improved and exciting system is set for release in the middle of December 2011.
This is also soon and will make all old time players very happy.

Taming - This long awaited system is to be reintroduced in 2012, with many new features all have been waiting for; we expect the wait to be worth it!
2012 is not very acurate, but still it is good to know they will be back some day. We can spend days walking around collecting fruits waiting for our favorite pets to arive.

Mutants - Mutants will be back from their vacations in early 2012.
Another great feature of Entropia Universe that will make old players happy.

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