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The Thing in Entropia Universe

New horror movie is coming out on 14 of October 2011. It's called "The Thing". On the site of the movie ( The Thing Website ) there is link to a game. Most likely this will be the new area on Planet Rocktropia in Entropia Unievrse. For people never played Entropia this will be like small free mini game and if they like it they will stay in the game. For old Entropia players it is like a new small area where you can go only from Rocktropia.
Here is a trailer of the new (2011) movie "The Thing":
And now more about the new Arctic Area:

There are some good points, but also some more bad points.

The Good:
-The setting is very fitting and enjoyable. It's a fresh feeling you get when first arriving and hearing the music. I would almost call it creepy.
-For the most part the missions are very well done, though very short and linear I found them much more enjoyable than any other missions currently in the game. Some could use slightly more detail, but I'm also very picky so maybe they are just fine.
-It would have to rank among the top experiences for a starter player, free weapons and ammo, clothing (though only usable a few times) and 2 vehicles which a player not looking to deposit immediately would have fun using.
-New weapons! Though the flamethrower is currently bugged and can't be used in the Arctic, visually it is very well designed and it's always great to see new things in Entropia. "The Thing Infection" melee weapon is also...interesting.

The Bad:
-After finishing the extremely short "Episode 1" your experience in the Arctic is basically over. You have 2 mob choices, THING's and Wolves. I flew the entire planet and it's possible I was delusional from the blinding white, but that's all I could find.
-Hunting "THING's" will only appeal to a small % of players in the game. You can only use weapons and FAP's looted from Rocktropia and the Arctic. Total cost in time and peds was around 2k cycled ped to get a few small medkits and weapons. The alternative is paying around 200%+ on auction.
-The loot is very unsatisfying from THING's. I'm guessing there are 4 items to be looted, only 2 of which I found one each of with over 1500 peds cycled. Medkit(L) with a max TT of 50pec, The Thing Infection which is standard melee weapon that does 15 max damage, barely good enough to kill even the smallest level THING's. I will assume they also loot the flamethrower and shotgun, but haven't seen them yet.
Other than that, you get High/Low Grade ammo for the most part which cannot be sold at auction. One explosive projectile at a time, eye oil, oil residue, and wool I believe. Of course the normal random ammo types are included as well.
Overall I found the first part enjoyable, but after the quests were over it was a monotonous grind hoping there was something of interest in this new creature. Besides not being quite as broken, it's almost exactly the same as Ancient Greece. If I had to rate this area on a % of completion, I'd give it a 20% at best. At least Greece had some interesting scenery. I've honestly seen better maps from a random generator.
It just blows my mind how anyone would release something like this in the current state. It certainly isn't a great business model for getting repeat guests on your planet. I know personally when the next update comes, I won't make haste to see what the new things are in the Arctic.
If you have not been there yet, I would still recommend going. The quests and items provided are definitely worth the trip.

The Missions:
There are 2 tracks... scientist and soldier... i don't know if there are significant differences... other than the fact that a Soldier gets a shotgun, and a scientist gets a pistol!
I think there are 22 missions in the chain.... one needs to do 20 missions first ... before he/she can activate the "Hunt the thing" and after that "the escape".
I think there is no good guidance on how to complete the missions ... one just has to try the npcs, and follow the track once activated. The most help one can get is by asking other fellow players...bearing in mind that one might get wrong guidance (of curse unintentional) !
Of the initial 20 missions, there are some that have to be done sequentially... and for some other missions no such requirements try every npcs including vehicles..
I think other than some bugs most missions are very easy...( I got the "Lights Out" bugged.... had to abandon it, and then restarted to finish it)
The hardest of all these missions is the final one ..."Hunt the thing" and then "escape"
One need to kill only one "the thing" after falling through the hole! .......and it's not that hard to kill one! I had BAMF zk6. so it was easy for me.... I tagged one from safe distance... and then the escape got activated....
and this escape part is the most difficult.... coz there are a lot of mobs... and one really need to know how to escape...and I've seen many people got stuck there.

List of the missions alphabetically:
The main intention of the list is to quicly identify which one you are missing. The sequence here is similar to the list you;ve in your mission log!
1. no title (name)
2. Army weapon Crate (364 183)
3. Camp Campbell Location
4. DNA Verifications.
5. Driving towards the mountain
6. Find your destination
7. Gearing up for Adventure
8. Hunt the thing (entrance for the Hole 38337, 19281)
9.Lights out
10 Meeting Dr. Marconi
11. Pick Up supplies (to activate run west from this point 38296, 19354 and then follow the road to south)
12. Reconfigure Satellites
13 Searching Vehicles
14. Searching Vehicles (2nd)
15. The adventures Begins
16 The story Unfolds
17. The wager
18. Up the Mountain
19. weapon Cage
20. Weapon Training
21. Welcome to camp Campbell
22. Your weapon of choice

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