Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mining Ore with Ziplex Z1 Seeker at the Ice region on Arkadia

After my last mining run I log in to teh game at the spot that I left previous day. And droped few probes. And I decided to go to the nearest town to sell some stuff. And before I press T boom global 287 Lysterium Stone. My best global so far and my first in mining. Actualy I have been mining with real, not the rookie gear, 2 days only. And I was level 1 or 0 in my Mining professions. And I was ready to do one more mining run even if the return is not very good I am still going to be on proffit.
Also I found that the Arkadia starting TT Excavator is better then the Calypso starting TT Excavator. I mean you can max it faster. And now I can use it on max when I extract ores. When I gain more mining skills I will probably switch back to the Calypso extractor.
This time I went to the snow part of the Arkadia, but I don't like mining there. First half of the mining run was good, but then it all got empty and almost no claims.

Mining details:
Date: 1 of June 2011
VU: 11.10.3
Place: Planet Arkadia, The Ice region
Land Tax: 0% Hunting; 0% Mining
Resource type: Ore
Prospector: 2
Miner: 2
Finder: Ziplex Z1 Seeker; MAXED; Range: 54; Depth: 204; Durability: Very Good
Extractor: Rock Ripper 1 (L); MAXED for ore; Efficiency: 6.6
Loot TT Value: 75.49 PED
Lysterium Stone: 52.57 PED
Zulax Stones: 1.30 PED
Telfium Stones: 4.90 PED
Copper Stone: 10.72 PED
Kaz Stones: 2.08
Erdorium Stone: 1.20
Banite Stones: 1.36
Caldorite Stone: 1.36
Mining Chart
Mining cost:
Ammo: 100 PED
Drops: 100
Ziplex Z1 Seeker decay: 0.76 PED
Rock Ripper 1 (L) decay: 1 PED
Total expenses: 101.76 PED
Loot - Total Expenses = 75.49 - 101.76 = -26.27 PED (74.18% TT return)
(Formula: retturn in % = (loot/total expenses)*100)


  1. I'm getting nervous about mining Arkadia. I'm a pretty noob miner, but have gotten my levels up a little bit. I had been doing awesome on Treasure Island, hitting globals and larger deposits quite frequently... 50 PED runs, 100-200 PED returns. I go to Arkadia, and nearly nothing. I just dropped 25 PED probes with about 5 PED return. I'm thinking I'll head back to Calypso and call it an 80 PED lesson. Argh...

  2. Run to Calypso before space locks you on Arkadia. I am on Calypso now and sold a lot from my listerium for 105-106% in the first day.
    On Arkadia the desert was the best place to mine for me. But all can change quick.


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