Sunday, June 19, 2011

Manufacturing Basic Filters with Mechanical Engineer level 0

With all the Lysterium Stone and Crude Oil I drilled on Planet Arkadia there was only one thing I can do now. Craft some basic filters. Perfect for gaining crafting skills. And I have almost 20 000 from each resource. I started with 10 000 clicks, but soon I realized that this will take long time to craft so I lowered the clicks to only 2 000. I looted 7 blueprints, 5 of them Arkadian blueprints and with the MU they have I am braking even with this crafting run.

Manufacturing details:
Date: 19.06.2011
Duration: 3 hours
VU: 11.10.5
Place: Planet Arkadia
Manufactured Item: Basic Filters
Used BluePrintBasic Filters Blueprint; Level: 1; QR: 2.9 in the beginning, 40.9 in the end; Book: Component (Vol. I)
Profession: Mechanical Engineer 0
Oil, 2000: 40 PED
Lysterium Ingot, 2000: 60 PED
Residue: No
Total Input TT Value: 100 PED
Basic Filters: 49.74 PED
Oil: 3.88 PED
Metal Residue: 19.49 PED
Energy Matter Residue: 12.71
Looted BluePrints: Total TT 0.07 PED: Propellant Booster Blueprint; Propellant Supercharger Blueprint; Hardened Metal Plating Blueprint; 2 x Tension Straps Blueprint; Insulators Blueprint; Basic Servo Blueprint
The total mark up of the blueprints is minimum 15 PEDs.

Total Output TT Value: 85.89 PED
Output - Input: 85.89 - 100 = -14.11 PED; (85.89% TT return) (Formula: return in % = output/input*100)

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