Monday, June 20, 2011

Buy part of a shop on Planet Calypso and start your own virtual business today

After long market research, countless hours thinking how to boost the Calypso Economy and make profit in the same time. Trading Player to Player, selling in shops and auction this is the idea that will change your life forever.
This will allow every player in the game to own his own small shop and sell whatever he wants for whatever price he wants without the risk that item may not sell and loose the auction tax.
This will bring fresh blood to shops and make malls full with goods and not empty waiting for insane price to sell.
I am selling item points in my shops in Emerald Lakes Mall on Planet Calypso for 200 PED each. When you want to place item for sale you will give it to me, I will give you the TT value in PEDs, I will place it for sale for the price you want and when it is sold I will give you the full profit.
Start your virtual business with just 20 USD or even for free.


What’s good about this:
-You can become shop owner with as low as 200 PED.
-Buyback: If you want to sell it back to me I will buy it for 200 PED - 1 PED for every month you used it.
Example: If you sell it back to me after 1 month I will buy it for 199 PED. If you sell it after 1 year I will buy it for 188 PED.
-You can also rent spots in my shops for 1 PED per month and start selling there with no fees.
-For the rent you can pay in sweat - 300 sweat per month - great for non depositors.

-No more expensive fees for the auction house.
-No more tax if your item doesn’t sell.
-No more wasting time looking for buyer.
-You can even sell your sweat or fruits, stones and dung in shop for just 200 PED.
-Shops are in mall which means close to teleporter and other shops.
-Let’s say 10 people sell in the shop with you. That means that people that come to buy the goods of 9 other sellers/crafters will also look and eventually buy your stuff. Also 9 other people will advertize your selling place. Goods will change faster and people will return regularly.
-You can even be on another planet and when you visit Calypso you can place your items in the shop and get your profit and restock it on your next visit.
-If you buy 5 spots you can give me 10 items and I will restock them when something is sold. Very useful if you are on another planet.
-The space will open new opportunities for traders. Don’t wait. Start selling in shop today.
-You can buy 6 spots and place shopkeeper and sell 20 different item for the same price of 1200 PED.
-You can even buy only 1 spot for 200 PED and place shopkeeper there, but use only 15 spots in it.
-This applies only to inside spots.
-You can manage your items even without loging into the game by contacting me on skype: axemurderer7

Start selling with no depositing:
You start playing the game. You collect 1300 bottles of sweat for few hours which is completely free. You pay 300 bottles rent for 1 month for 1 spot in my shop. I place your sweat and you are free to continue collecting sweat instead of spending hours and days trying to sell it. You can progress faster in the game and get rid of the boring search for buyer. When you collect more you can add it to the same spot or rent few more spots.

Start selling with 2 PED:
Every month I sell few Rocktropian CDs with profit 1 PED from 1 CD. With 1 PED you can buy 100 CDs for 0.01 PED each, rent 1 spot for 1 PED and start selling the CDs for 1.01 PED each. Use the profit to buy more goods.

You are crafter and you sell 5 guns every month on the auction for 120-130%. Selling in shop you save a lot of PEDs not paying the auction fee. And you get additional information on the sales in the shop.

You own the crafted laser pistol Karma Killer Tier 1 with TT value 99 PED and weekly mark up of TT+328. If you sell it on the auction for TT+328 PED you will have to pay auction fee of 14.57 PED and loose between 0.50 PED and 14.57 PED (depends from what was your starting bid) fee if it doesn't sell within 7 days.

If you sell it in shop for TT+328 you will pay tax less then 7 PED. This way you save 7-8 PEDs and don't loose anything if no one buys it.

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