Friday, May 20, 2011

Planet Calypso sold to SEE Virtual Worlds

Today, 27 of January, Marco Behrmann anounced that SEE Virtual Worlds (SEE VW) have gained the rights to Planet Calypso. They bought it for $6 million. SEE Virtual Worlds will also develop Planet Michael (Planet about Michael Jackson).
"Planet Calypso - The Next Chapter
Dear Calypsians,
I am thrilled that SEE Virtual Worlds (SEE VW) have gained the rights to Planet Calypso. First Planet Company has been rebranded as SEE Digital Studios and is now the development leg of SEE WV. SEE Digital Studios will be in charge of maintaining and developing Planet Calypso, as well as the development of Planet Michael.
As Managing Director for SEE Digital Studios, I am pleased to inform you that Planet Calypso will continue to be run by its established and experienced team. Joining the SEE family has presented us with a great opportunity to invest more human and financial resources in its development and marketing. As such, we are looking forward to a very successful year for Planet Calypso and its community.
The entire team is also excited as we prepare to move to our own offices here in Gothenburg, and take on new staff for the development of Planet Michael.
We recognize how important the fans and players are, and as it would be impossible to address all questions in this statement, I would like to invite you all to post your questions in the official Q&A thread that has been set up. The thread will be open for two days, after which we will compile the questions and publish information as quickly as possible.
Finally, SEE Virtual Worlds is committed to the Planet Calypso community and would like to thank you for your time and dedication as we enter this new chapter in our development.
Marco Behrmann
Managing Director SEE Digital Studios"

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