Saturday, May 21, 2011

Manufacturing Simple I Conductors with Electronics Engineer level 0

It was time for AxeMurderer to use his brain and not just his muscles and weapons to advance in this universe. It was time to read some books and try to understand how this Construction Machine in front of him works. He knew that some old farts around here manufacture powerful weapons and armor and even vehicles and sell them for shitload of peds. He wanted some of that money for him. He wanted to steal their glory and make them suffer by selling cheaper to the poor noobs. But he knew that this road is not easy. He was prepared for the days of horror.
AxeMurderer collected all books and BluePrints he could find and looked at his inventory. There he sow Animal Eye Oil and Animal Muscle Oil and he decided to manufacture some Simple I Conductors. With fingers crossed he entered the Auction at the Emerald Lakes Mall and inserted the BluePrint and the ingredients into the Crafting Machine. Click - click - click ...
Manufacturing details:
Date: 30.03.2011
Duration: 14 minutes
VU: 11.9.0
Place: Planet Calypso, Amethera, Emerald Lakes Mall, first floor
Coordinates: 31631, 50190, 108
Manufactured Item: Simple I Conductors
Used BluePrint: Simple I Conductor Blueprint; Level: 1; QR: 20.2 in the beginning, 24.9 in the end; Book: Component (Vol. II)
Tier Upgrader: 1
Laser Weapons Engineer: 1
Tailor: 1
BLP Weapons Engineer: 0
Electronics Engineer: 0
Longblades Engineer: 0
Vehicle Structural Engineer: 0
Mechanical Engineer: 0
Metal Engineer: 0
Armor Engineer: 0
Carpenter: 0
Tool Engineer: 0
Attachment Engineer: 0
Shortblades Engineer: 0
Powerfist Engineer: 0
Plasma Weapons Engineer: 0
Gauss Weapons Engineer: 0
Projectile Launcher Engineer: 0
Vehicle Engineer: 0
Material Manufacturer: 0
Enhancer Manufacturer: 0
Animal Eye Oil, 352: 17.60 PED
Animal Muscle Oil, 3520: 105.60 PED
Residue: No
Total Input TT Value: 123.20 PED
Simple I Conductors, 196: 58.80 PED
Animal Oil Residue, 5767: 56.67
Animal Eye Oil, 43: 2.15 PED
Animal Muscle Oil, 10: 0.30 PED
Looted BluePrints: Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint; Level: 2; QR: 1; Book: Component (Vol. I); TT value: 0.01 PED
Total Output TT Value: 117.93 PED
Profit/Loss: 123.30 - 117.93 = -5.37 PED; (95.64% TT return) (Formula: retturn in % = outpu/input*100)
Simple I Conductors

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