Friday, May 20, 2011

Hunting Atrox with Opalo close to Jurra Plateu on Calypso

Yesterday I was hunting Atroxes (or as some may call them Atroxenosaur) with some friends, close to the outpost next to Jurra Plateu. Note to myself: "Buy better armor. That BodyGuard armor offers almost no defense against this massive carnivore." They were able to kill me with one hit or maximum two. And the basic Omegaton Fast Aid Pack FAP-5 was unable to help me survive long enough. It's true it's non-combat FAP. Good thing I have Teleportation Chip lvl I to bring me fast back to the battlefield. There is no teleport here, so make sure you have teleportation chip or some kind of vehicle to get out if you are stuck alone here.
Hunt details:
Date: 16 of January 2011
VU: 11.5.4
Place: Planet Calypso, Eudoria, The Outpost next to Jurra Plateu
Coordinates: 72121, 70990, 222
Team or Solo: Team
Creature(s): Atrox
Laser Sniper (Hit): 9
Ranged Laser (Dmg): 7
Paramedic: 3
Biotropic: 2
Weapon(s): Sollomate Opalo, SGA Edition (MAXED)
Weapon Amplifier: Omegaton A101
Weapon Attachments: Dynera Laser Sight, Jzar Precision Scope
Weapon Enhancers: none
Armor: BodyGuard L
Tools: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack FAP-5 (NOT MAXED)
Chips: Teleportation Chip I
Ammo spent: 22,76 PED
Loot TT Value: 29,41 PED
Weapon: 9,74 PED Loot - Ammo spent = 29,41 - 22,76 = +6,65 PED (+29% TT return before decay)
Loot - Ammo spent - Decay = 29,41 - 22,76 - 9,74 = -3,09 PED (-14% TT return after decay)
Globals: 2
Items in globals: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack FAP-5
HOFs: 0
Items in HOFs: 0
Miss on Atrox Dominant

Team Atrox Hunt

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