Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Herman CAP-303 Desert (L) Planet Arkadia Weapon Combat Assault Pistol

Herman CAP-303
Desert (L)
This is the third model in the CAP Desert series. It is laser pistol as it seems.
This variant is designed for a desert environment, where sweeping line of sight and long range are an advantage for hunting.
You may attach any combination of scope, sight and Laser amplifier to any Laser weapon.
We see more and more from Planet Arkadia as the launch date gets closer and closer. It is good to see they are designing new stuff for their planet. If you are going to spend your money on a planet you will prefer to pay to planet that put hard work on designing new stuff and not just copying old and boring equipment.
This will lead to fast population growth on the planet, but I still wonder how much time is needed before there are actual crafters that will buy your Arkadian loot. Or the loot will be the same as Calypso loot. I guess we have to wait to 24 of May and see how Planet Arkadia will be born in Entropia Universe.

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