Sunday, May 22, 2011

About the Change in Mining in Entropia Universe with VU 11.10.0

Arkadia Tools
A lot new things in Entropia Universe since my last hunt.
MindArk introduced 3 new professions: Treasure hunter, Archaeologist (MindArk typed it as Archaelogist) and Spacecraft crew.
I will quote here David Dobson - CEO of Planet Arkadia:
"Treasure Hunting will certainly make good use of the "Something Out Of The Ordinary" system. As already stated, this system will not be operational at launch. Treasure Hunting (as some have noted by the value per drop) will be the premium end of the mining section and as such we are working to ensure it delivers on that.
It's been written in a few threads today that Treasure Hunting should be more than a system linked to mining. That is certainly true. Treasure Hunting within Entropia as a profession (and skills) is linked to the mining system. However on Arkadia, as I have previously stated here on the forum - won't be limited to a single profession. It forms the theme of the planet - as such it will drive the story, the instances and events.
I'd encourage everyone to keep sharing ideas and to keep an open mind for the future. The launch is not the end of production, it's the beginning of the journey that you get to share."
Now you need only 1 tool to seek for ore and en-matter and even for treasures. Also you now need only 1 refiner instead of 3 as it was before.
Another good change is that now the cargo you can carry with you before your running is affected depends on your strength. The more strength you have the more cargo you can carry before stop running.
Other big thing is the proximity voice chat - you can talk to other peoples with your microphone.
Planet Arkadia was / is suposed to launch on 24 of May 2011. One week before that, on 17 of May 2011, MindArk make big change in the mining system. There are now 2 new mining professions and 1 new space related profession. Also the ore tools are combined with the en-matter tools. So far everything looks like this change is specifically designed for Planet Arkadia.
But on 18 of May 2011 (1 day after MA changed the mining system and only 6 days before the planned launch of Planet Arkadia) Cyrus, the Community Manager of Planet Arkadia posted:
"Arkadia Mining Tools update
Hi Guys,
With the latest Version Update from MindArk, there are some changes to Planet Arkadia's mining tools which was featured previously.
At launch, TerraMaster 1(L) and Rock Ripper 1(L) will be available. There will only be one type of Ptech refiner and Amplifier.
The models for the MatterMaster 1(L) and Dirt Demon 1(L) may enter the game in the future.
Thank you for your understanding.
And if you remember the picture below
Arkadia Tools pre VU 11.10
it looks like Planet Arkadia team didn't know about the mining change and the reduction of refiners and mining tools until the last minute and was surprised as the players was.
From here we can go in two directions.
The first is that Planet Partners have very little if any information about what will happen to Entropia Universe and how it will develop. I'm not sure if this is good or bad news.
And the second thing is how much and in what way planet Arkadia is designed to be Treasure Hunting Planet if the Arkadia Design team didn't know about the treasure hunting change 7 days before the launch of the planet?
Some more interesting stuff from the
"Considering earlier input and future expansions on the mining system we have merged several individual tools within the same usage span into one tool instead of separate tools. The goal with doing this is to simplify the usage of them. With the merge you will have to carry less tools and you don´t need to switch so often at the same time as you can search for a wider range of resources.
Since we aim to expand the mining system with more items and categories along with our Planet Partners, the old system did not scale well and the complexity would be excessive. You can already see some new indications in-world of what is coming.
To maintain the balance when doing this merge we have thoroughly evaluated each individual tool's characteristics, considered market value and blueprints. All in all we believe that these changes are necessary and will make the system easier and more powerful to use, providing a flexible, viable and stable part of the foundation in the Entropia Universe economy.
Note that the tier levels on mining tools are maintained."

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