Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Planet Cyrene 2020 Map Update

Hey guys,


I wanted to fill everyone in on the upcoming map update for Planet Cyrene.

As I mentioned over in this thread >>LINK<<, there were going to be some changes coming, both laying the ground work and letting us fix some errors with the models/terrain.

For starters, you many notice there's more land area than before, which we plan to utilize for player benefit. There is now a dedicated mining area for Universe Ores and Enmatters, for example. The majority of areas have been increased, allowing for more play space and lets the Imperium or A.R.C. forces try to establish bases, or perhaps be overrun by some new kind of threat on Planet Cyrene.

In the southwest corner we've started to lay the ground work for New Janus: which will become the estate capitol on Cyrene. Once it's finished, when players enter the planet they will arrive in New Janus. However, as the workers were sort of terraforming and surveying, they seemed to be a bit shaken by some of the findings, but it's probably nothing.

For the 1st VU of 2020, we wanted to put the foundation for things that are coming this year: an updated n00b area, New Janus Estate area, Improved mining areas, and bringing back the dynamic area.

With this map update, we've also briefed all the current NPCs on Cyrene, so they will now give out the correct coordinates to players on missions. If you find out any of them are slacking off make sure to report it to me so they can be reprimanded severely.

Please feel free to post any comments/questions/concerns in this thread about the map.



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