Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Compet Newsletter October 2017

Preparing for a New Marketing Push
Considerable changes were made to ComPet at the end of summer, including a revamped tutorial and beginner experience as well as the implementation of the Trinket system. Recent updates have been more modest, with resources instead being channeled into building the critical infrastructure and systems needed to support upcoming marketing efforts.

The new beginner experience now allows new players to dive right into ComPet’s competitive PvP experience. Our aim is to combine this more streamlined and PvP-focused introduction with a paid marketing campaign that showcases the PvP aspect of the game.

Tutorial Tweaks
Recent tutorial amendments have been analyzed, and an even more finely-tuned tutorial will be released shortly. These improvements are specifically designed to increase retention and engagement of new players acquired through the coming paid marketing campaign.

App Store Optimization
New descriptions, icons, images and video that are more in line with the competitive PvP marketing profile are being added to the app stores.

A lot Going on Behind-the-Scenes
Development of new content and game features will be of lower priority as we are currently working hard behind-the-scenes to lay the groundwork necessary to facilitate the upcoming marketing efforts.

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