Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CalyNET: Hatchling Havoc!

CalyNET: Hatchling Havoc!

Atrox Hatchlings will soon be nibbling at people’s ankles (and jumping for their throats) according to the predictions of prominent biologists!

The pesky, pint-sized dinos — that haven’t been seen for years — are predicted to return with a vengeance on November 10 around Cape Corinth, Fort Ithaca, Minopolis and Fort Zeus.

Exactly what caused the comeback is as yet unknown and has given rise to wild speculation amongst the populace. Half-baked theories abound, varying from “RDI biologists cooked up the Hatchlings to play ‘Mini-Dino Derby’” to “They don't grow up they grow down”.

The CDF has invited Colonists to cull the maniacal miniature monsters till they ‘disappear' again.

Good luck hitting the little bastards!

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