Friday, October 7, 2016

MA / Compet teams statement regarding trumpetta videos

MA / Compet teams statement regarding trumpetta videos

Statement regarding the Trumpetta videos.

Due to the controversy that surfaced regarding MindArk´s decision to produce and publish the Trumpetta videos we think that it is important to share our thoughts on the matter with the community.

Our decision to publish the videos was motivated solely by our ambition to make ComPet a success. For that to happen we need a large amount of players, many more than are playing Entropia. While we have a fairly significant advertising budget for traditional marketing we also make use of so called guerrilla marketing. That is when we do something spectacular that has the potential to go viral and be very cost effective.

The current election season in the United States dominates news coverage at the moment which is why we thought it would be a good idea to do something that could garner attention from main stream media. Several ideas were discussed but ultimately it was decided that we would introduce this new pet and make a series of videos about it.

Our goal was to have the videos be entertaining political satire with the hope that even supporters of Trump would find them amusing. It is clear that some people took offense and we would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you. It is clear that we could have handled this better.

We are a Swedish company and we would not presume to lecture citizens of other countries on political matters. Nor would we like it if others did it to us.

With that said there will be a few more videos up until the election is over. It is too late to change the format of the campaign and it has been very successful and cost-effective in bringing in new players. In the long run this will benefit all of us including deed owners, investors and players.

Best Regards,

Team ComPet

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