Friday, October 21, 2016

Fort Lahar Soon to be Attacked!

Fort Lahar Soon to be Attacked!
The Enemy Draws Near...

A robot Incursion will begin at Fort Lahar on Friday October 21, 11:00 UTC, according to the Calypso Defence Force's latest intelligence.

In addition, the CDF have released information regarding Robot Incursion Leaders.

Reconnaissance Report: Robot Incursion Leaders

The Leader of an Incursion is surrounded and protected by Guardians, who guard the gates of the Fort.

The Leader seems to be the coordinating 'brain' of the Incursion. Studies of the remains of destroyed Incursion Leaders uncovered traces of extremely advanced communication technology.

This communication technology has — so far — only been found in the 'Warlock' series of robot.

Take care and good luck, Colonists!

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