Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cyrene Developer Insights : Booths

Hello everyone,

We've now come to the time where we will talk about the things that will be up and coming in the next Cyrene PP VU. Please keep in mind that everything that I will talk about here is preliminary and can still be changed to varying degrees. That being said, this post will focus on: Booths.

Since Planet Cyrene's first initial launch in the Entropia Universe and the first loots were being discovered, players have wanted to have a way to sell items outside the auction on Cyrene. While booths have been in Janus, and now at the 0x101 Supply Depot for some time, they haven't been able to be used for players.

Initially it was intended to be part of our Hard Launch, however, due to various setbacks Hard Launch has not yet come to Cyrene. So here we've been thinking about the best way to get the booths out and into the hands of the players who would actively maintain them, stocked with goods at a fair price. Normally, booths are traditionally sold in the auction and then player owned, which can then be past from player to player. We wanted to take a different approach.

So the 6 booths that we currently have will be distributed in the following ways. Please note that all the booths are the same look and item level so the numbers are arbitrary and only used to differentiate between them.

1 - Cyrene Citizen

2- Player Recommendation

3 - Scavenger Hunt (Developer Lead)

4 - Event HoF Hunting (Cyrene Mob)

5 - Event HoF Mining (Cyrene Ore / Enmatter)

6 - Event HoF Crafting (Cyrene Blueprint)

All the booths come with the following caveats:

1) No booth will be owned, it will be earned on a quarterly basis through these events.

2) If the booth owner keeps their shop active and upkeep maintained, we may allow the continued ownership of that booth for additional time (in quarterly increments).

We feel this is a way to reward active players for their continued pioneering efforts on Cyrene.


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