Monday, June 20, 2016

ComPet: Development Update

ComPet: Development Update

The ComPet Closed Beta period began on May 17, 2016 and has provided the ComPet development team with a wealth of valuable testing data and user feedback. This has resulted in significant improvements to the overall stability, balance and enjoyability of the ComPet experience. We are grateful to all the Closed Beta participants who have assisted our team in this effort.

ComPet is scheduled to transition to Extended Open Beta phase within a matter of weeks, with an eye toward further design and balance refinements, scalability testing and polishing in preparation for full release. This phase will:

-Be open to the general public.

-Enable players to retrieve their progress (i.e., the system will no longer be wiped).

-Allow transactions in the ComPet Shop.

Finally, a quick note about ComPet development. The product development and marketing budgets for ComPet were fully financed via ComPet deeds. Nearly all of the coding of the ComPet infrastructure and client was outsourced, meaning that MindArk’s developers have continued to focus on improving Entropia Universe. In fact, the Entropia Universe and Calypso teams have grown since the ComPet project began.

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