Thursday, June 30, 2016

Building The Future: The next stage of Plot Ownership

Building The Future: The next stage of Plot Ownership

We have now reached the next exciting stage of the Estate System. Plot holders on Planet Calypso will have the possibility to become Virtual Land Developers and build their own centres of production and supply.

Building Your Property

The UI will let you choose, preview and place your constructions on a grid. At this point you’ll be able to review all building costs. Once you’re totally happy you can proceed with the transaction, at which point you’ll be shown the construction time.

Constructions are upgradeable, allowing you to modernize and improve your builds. For example, outlying walls may boast elegant arches, gates and pillars!

In this release only one type of house is available, but this is merely the beginning. We are continuously working on more developments!

Build Components

Each building comes with a certain number of construction points that you can allocate to construct different kinds of components. There are ‘building’, ‘gardening’, ‘utility’ and ‘industry’ points. The number of construction points varies depending on the size and cost of the building.

The UI will let you place constructions within the grid. During placement, you can rotate it like when placing any item. When satisfied, the building will begin its first step towards completion. Once you’re finished you’ll be able to admire and enjoy your new property!

Vegetable Gardens: Grow Your Business!

A later release will feature the possibility of making a Vegetable Garden after building your house. This will enable you to become a producer of valuable organic goods and a key player in the supply chain. You’ll literally be able to ‘grow’ an expanding business!

Building and Rebuilding

What if you don’t like the way you’ve built your house, or you want to build another kind of building instead? You can start again by demolishing the building and regaining roughly 50% of your initial investment, which can then be used on your next build!

Village Development

As a Property Owner you are also a citizen of a village and the development of ‘village life’ will be the focus of future releases. Being a responsible village citizen will have a positive effect on the village community as a whole. This ‘communal’ dimension will be a new aspect of gameplay within Planet Calypso.

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