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ComPet:The Village

ComPet: Behind The Game

#4 The Village

In this installment we’re going to take a closer look at The Village interface and the functions of the buildings.

The Residence

In order to unlock new buildings and upgrade existing buildings to higher levels you must first upgrade the Residence to the required "Residence Level".

But it takes more than gold to upgrade the Residence! Constructing buildings, training pets and defeating Beasts (AI battles) are all activities required to upgrade this special building.

You can also assign ‘guard duty’ to pets in the Residence. This is the pet that other players battle if they raid your Village (raids occur offline - more on this later!).


The place where your pets can rest. With each upgrade the maximum number of pets increases.

The stables are also where you can level up your pets, distributing your hard-earned experience points across Mojo, Health, Ferocity and Endurance. Levelling up costs gold and on higher levels it also costs pets.

The UI also shows how long it takes for your pet to fully recover. You can regain your pet’s health immediately by spending diamonds.

Gold Mine

Gold is the currency used for buying buildings, pets and pet abilities. It also buys updates for your buildings.

The gold mine has an hourly income and a maximum capacity. This means you can earn gold merely by waiting for it to be excavated, but it takes time!

You can’t spend gold until you transfer the gold to the vault, at which point it will become visible on your ‘gold meter’ and can be spent. So don’t forget to empty the gold mine before it reaches maximum capacity, else all gold mining activity will stop!


You can keep your gold in a vault. The higher the level of the vault, the higher the capacity and the more gold you can store!


You can train your pets in the gym. Simply pay some gold and leave your pet in the gym so they gain experience points! Again, the process can be immediately completed by spending diamonds.


The library is where you research new abilities (the moves you use in battle). It costs gold to research a new ability.

Researchable abilities are organised into different tiers in the library. To unlock these tiers you must upgrade the library to the required tier level.


The veterinarian reduces the time it takes for a pet to recover from injury by increasing its health regeneration.

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