Thursday, April 21, 2016

ComPet #6 Edgehog Backstory

ComPet: Behind The Game

#6 Edgehog Backstory

The Edgehogs in Posherton didn’t originate there. They were bred from the creatures known as Eudorian Devils that live on Planet Calypso.

Long ago an eccentric Poshertonite called Lord Danville resolved to obtain a pair of Eudorian Devils and use them as servants. He thought it would look ‘exotic’.

But when he arrived on Planet Calypso he discovered his task was not an easy one. Whenever he drew near the creatures had the audacity to breathe fire at him and singe his well-groomed moustache!

Many attempts and countless moustache treatments later he finally caught the little blighters by using a fire-proof cage.

Now all that remained was to train them in the Art of Good Service.

His efforts in this area met with little success.

Instead of pouring the wine they drank it. Instead of serving the tea they smashed the teacups and ravaged the scones. Instead of waiting at table, they ate the table. It was exasperating.

As if matters couldn’t get any worse the Devils escaped to the forest where they caused a wildfire!

Lord Danville now faced disaster! His reputation was in tatters and he was wanted for wildlife smuggling (he hated doing paperwork and hadn’t bothered to fill in the necessary forms).

But Danville had a plan. He made a giant pile of hay, rare china, exquisite wines and delicious delicacies in a clearing in the forest and waited. Since the Devils so enjoyed burning, breaking and consuming they couldn’t resist. They rushed the pile , whooping with joy as Danville sprang the trap and caught them.

Having averted total disaster the problem of taming the rascals remained. Luckily, Danville had glimpsed the true nature of the Eudorian Devil: if they were given any adventurous activity with the possibility of violence, they were happy as could be! Simply offering them the chance to guard, battle and go on quests ensured their loyal service.

Once the Eudorian Devils were happy they multiplied manically (as with everything else, they seemed to have insatiable urges)! Everybody wanted one and their popularity grew with each passing day. Danville gave a baby Eudorian Devil to the Police Commissioner who proceeded to make all the smuggling charges ‘disappear’.

So there you go. These days the Posherton breed of Eudorian Devil is far tamer than their ‘Calypso cousins’ and they’ve lost the ability to breathe fire. To mark these differences the Posherton breed was eventually given a new name: “Edgehogs”

But you should still be wary. Their adorable appearance hides a demeanour that is still a little...devilish!

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