Monday, March 21, 2016

ComPet: Behind The Game Overview

MindArk new game ComPet is just 50 days away from its final release and we have more information what will it look like. It will be a turn-based game where you collect and train pets and they fight with other people’s pets. You select a few abilities for your pet to attack in the battle and then use them during the fight. Your pet will have 4 stats: mojo, health, endurance and ferocity. As your pet ‘levels up’ you gain points which can then be distributed amongst these four elements.

At first ComPet the game looks like most mobile games where you buy premium currency (diamonds) to speed up your game or you play free but slowly. The main difference from all other games will be that here you can choose to battle other players and eventually win some PEDs and then withdraw them as real money. Effectively getting real money for your wins. They way I think it will be implemented is arenas like Planet Cyrene. You pay 1 ped to enter 1 ped arena and if you win you win 1,50 peds. And 0,5 peds are for the game developers or something like this.

On this screenshot we can see that you can buy 3 different currencies with your real money. You can buy gold, probably you can win it in the game, but slowly. You can buy diamonds. May be there will be pets or skills that can only be bought with diamonds. You will probably be able to buy defense for your village for diamonds, so other players can not attack you while you are on vacation. Or you will be able to resurrect dead pet with diamonds (if they die in this game). And the third option is to buy PEDs. Peds will probably be used to battle PVP for real money.

The base place will be your village. Here you can research new combat skills, train them, assign guard duty, send them on quests or use them to battle against the AI or other players. Each building in the village has a specific function: for instance, the Gold Mine allows you to mine gold and the Vault allows you to store it. Buildings can be upgraded to allow players bonuses and further possibilities for progression. Sound like most similar games, but I like building towns so I am happy.

Your fighters will be the pets you acquire. It is still not 100% confirmed if you can use your pets from Entropia Universe or this will be completely different pets. We will have to wait 50 days or at least the beta that is supposed to start this month. There are 4 different classes of pets: Aggressive, Defensive, Attuned and Balanced. Each class has a different combination of statistics that influences their combat style. The more you battle with your pets and put them on quests, the more they can ‘level up’ and progress in skill.

I guess when you hit the fight other player button the game will search for someone else with close to your level and battle will start. Then you will have some energy and each turn you will have to choose different action for your pet. You can choose few kinds of attacks or defenses or to skip a turn probably accumulating more energy for the next. Is it going to be fun and how much skill and how much luck will be involved is still unknown.

Aside from PVP battles there will be quest system. Quest will have different durations and different rewards in form of experience points, gold, diamonds may be pets and peds too. Probably the more pets you have the more quests you will be able to do at the same time.

And there will be single-player 'campaign' mode where you battle against the AI called Beasts. It is possible there will be DLC with more campaigns may be for some diamonds or peds.

In the next month or two there will be more information about the game hopefully answering the question if we will be able to use our Entropia Universe pets. So far I am interested and will play the game when it is released.

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