Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Business Part of Entropia Universe

For the last 5 years and 6 days I was thinking what successful business to start in Entropia Universe. But watching how real life successful people started 10 businesses and 9 of them failed before they become rich with the 10 crazy business idea made me think different. And yesterday I was watching on the discovery channel a show called Dirty Jobs or something. Some people were making over $100 per day collecting worms from the ground. Others were making over $1000 collecting mushrooms in the forest after the rain. Some hunted crocodiles and one made trap in the river for European eel and sold it for $60 per peace.

Entropia Universe means different things to different people but for me it is business platform where you are limited only by your imagination. And the next 5 years I will try to start and run all kind of business in Entropia Universe without thinking if it is going to make me profit or not, until I find one or more that will make me rich. With the ultimate goal to be able to quit my real life job in 5 years or less. This goal is harder now with kids, but I believe it can be done. Then I have 2 real life crazy business ideas that will not make much money in the beginning but will need no more than 20-30 hours work per week combined.

So from now this blog will remain for hunting, mining, crafting and general stuff and I will make new one just for the business part of Entropia Universe and my road to success. And another one for my first business.

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