Monday, May 4, 2015

CDF Intelligence, Mutant Report

Evidence collected by CDF Special Forces during the past weekend has shed some light on the causes of the unusual Mutant behaviour that started last week.

Medical equipment, including syringes and tranquilizer darts was found in several of the investigated mutant camps. It quickly became apparent that someone had been killing the adult mutants and then been conducting medical experiments on the younglings. The goal of those experiments is still unclear as the evidence left behind was sketchy and fragmented at best.

Based on the collected evidence the primary suspect of the illicit activities performed on the mutant younglings is the renegade scientist Charles Marvin. Marvin is believed to have been assisted by a number of unidentified associates.

Marvin himself was spotted at one camp near Cape Corinth but managed to teleport away before he could be apprehended. One of the men working with Marvin was left behind and attacked members of the CDF Special Forces squad using Mindforce implants killing three agents and badly injuring another.

The CDF:s quick and forceful investigation seem to have caused Marvin and his associates to return to hiding for the time being. The CDF are confident that the mutants will return to their normal habitats and camps during the coming week as the attacks from Charles Marvin now have ceased.

Again, the goals and motives for Charles Marvin et al. are currently unknown to the CDF. Colonists are advised NOT to engage with or try to apprehend Charles Marvin or anyone who might be associated with him as they are all considered extremely dangerous.

Any colonist who might have information on the whereabouts of Charles Marvin or any of his associates should contact the nearest CCA or CDF office right away.

/Claire Jameson, CDF Intelligence

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