Friday, May 22, 2015

Anonymous Bounty Offer

A shadowy organization has recently announced lucrative bounties for the recovery of rare robot technology specimens. The offered bounty items include reverse-engineered RX armor parts, blueprints and high-end mining equipment. Interested parties should speak to designated bounty agent Private Cooper in Fort Troy.

The group behind these bounty offers is uncertain, as is the cause of the group’s interest in potentially dangerous robot technology. Some sources have hinted at the possible involvement of the Imperial Guardians, an organization linked to Calypso’s early history and long assumed to be defunct.

EBN will continue monitoring this story and report any developments as they unfold.

Bounty Rewards

Tech item retrieved from the Crafting process:

Corrupt Fuel Pump Blueprint - Advanced Animal Brush (L) Blueprint

Tech item found in mining:

Damaged Splicing Detector - Modified Genesis Star Excavator 100

Damaged Feedback Panel - Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator

Damaged Fuel Pump - Adjusted Chikara Refiner

Tech item found in hunting loot:

Worn Feedback Panel - RX OpTac x2 Foot Guards (M) or (F)

Worn Splicing Detector - RX OpTac x2 Helmet (M) or (F)

Worn Fuel Pump - RX OpTac x2 Shin Guards (M) or (F)

Mint Feedback Panel - RX OpTac x2 Thigh Guards (M) or (F)

Mint Splicing Detector - RX OpTac x2 Harness (M) or (F)

Mint Fuel Pump - RX OpTac x2 Arm Guards (M) or (F)

Encrypted Spatial Unit Alpha - RX OpTac x2 Gloves (M) or (F)

Encrypted Spatial Unit Beta - RX OpTac x2 Gloves (M) or (F)

Encrypted Spatial Unit Omega - RX OpTac x2 Gloves (M) or (F)

Combat Simulation Test Results for RX OpTac x2 Armor

Durability - 5100

Protection Penetration - 52

Protection Impact - 38

Protection Burn - 52

Protection Cut - 15

Protection Shrapnel - 30

Idea where you can loot them:

[Globals]: ImUp2 Mischief Daily has found a rare item (Encrypted Spatial Unit Alpha) with a value of 22 PEC! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.

Core Harbinger 01

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